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Sneak Peak at Emoluments.Gov

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In an effort to streamline the purchasing of Presidential favors the White House today announced the imminent deployment of the website emoluments.gov. Let's explore it together!

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The Opacity International Story

Opacity International is a non-profit foundation

Donor Interests
Charles and David Cock Foundation Fossil fuel industries, fighting public transit, natural history
Richard U-fine Destroying the federal tax base
Betsy DeVice Foundation Destroying public education
Richard Mercyless Halting all immigration
Consolidated Gulags Private prisons
Blackflag Rock Security consulting, privatization of war
Opacity International is part of an ecosystem of web-zines which parody echo-chamber politics. These sites include include:
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The Great Objectivist Strike is a parody of 'Objectivists' like former House Speaker Paul Ryan who espouse corporate individualism but are just government shills who Ayn Rand would most likely despise.

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With the dramatic increase in senate and congressional investigations, now has never been a better time to begin a career in document shredding.

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Zuckerberg Nominated for Opacity Prize


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The Six Signs of a Whistleblower

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